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Return to exercise after Covid-19

Updated: Aug 6, 2022


I have covid-19 at the moment. I don’t have a clue what variant but I know that the symptoms I am experiencing right now are mild, but what should I expect for the coming weeks?

Some report feeling sluggish and breathless for weeks after testing positive. Everyone recovers differently from a viral infection so there really is no guessing what the following weeks will bring.

Unfortunately, the corona virus can damage organs bringing on issues with oxygen delivery to muscles so what would usually be a normal work out, can feel quite difficult now.

Sleep and rest help your immune system to fight the disease but it is important to start moving again to avoid further weakening of your body, about seven days after the major symptoms have disappeared.

Here are a few exercise types that can help you get moving again, but for specialist advice, speak to your GP, exercise physiologist or personal trainer


There is some evidence that the practice of yoga and meditation may help improve lung health, reduce viral susceptibility and speed the recovery from acute respiratory infections thanks to their relaxing effects.

Controlling stress and anxiety is critical for recovery.


Resistance training is crucial to reactivate muscles. Bodyweight exercises, such as squats and push-ups on your knees, are a good starting point.

As you gradually regain your strength, you can begin to add light weights to your routine.

Light resistance training triggers the production of hormones and cell-signalling molecules that work with the immune system to help the body repair.


The most accessible physical activity to do after a Covid-19 infection is walking. Especially if you can do it outdoors. Anyone can easily control the intensity of their walking so begin with easy, short strolls and gradually increase the length and the pace of your walks as long as that does not cause you extreme fatigue or leave you feeling breathless.


If you are still feeling poorly, its pretty simple, don’t push yourself. Instead of moving your forward, it only pushes you back.

Allow yourself to time to get back to where you were, be patient, seek advice, seek comfort from others and most of all PLEASE don’t push your body into overtraining, it will only compromise your recovery.

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Khao Soy

1 Comment

Thank you, I’m just getting over Covid, day7 today and want to get back into exercise without overdoing it. Marie 🧘🏻‍♀️🙏💪🏼

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