The team are here to encourage, guide and support you

Helping you achieve your individual goals is our top priority. So our personal trainers, physios & healers work as a team to ensure you get the best support.
Here's a little about our team and how they can assist you:


Sonya has been personal training for over 20 years. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in PE from Otago University.

Through her love of competitive sport and adventure racing, Sonya has developed a unique approach to

training; teaching her clients to move away from stress and chronic pain patterns to achieve their goals and live a better life. 

Her time with clients often includes energy work to maximise results and achieve personalised peak performance.

Services: 1:1 Personal Training, 1:1 Stress & Chronic Pain Management, 1:1 Rehabilitation, Vitality Combo


Alice is intrigued by intuitive

movement and how this is affected by our sensory experiences of life. 


She holds a Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition, a Bachelor of Arts,

a Diploma in PT & Fitness Prescription, & a Postgrad. Diploma in Arts Therapy.


Alice has also completed over 270 hours of yoga teacher training in Restorative & Contemporary Yoga. Her sessions are inclusive, collaborative, non-judgmental and fun.


She enjoys tramping, rock climbing, libraries and the occasional fire spin. 


Services: 1:1 Personal Training, Vitality Combo, Restore Your Core


Ulrika is a Certified Group Exercise Instructor and has been teaching for over 20 years.


Her styles include Aerobics, Step and Zumba to Spin, Strength and HIIT training.


She’s passionate about motivating people to live as healthily and happily

as possible, and be the best they can be.

She believes that getting the balance right with exercise, nutrition, sleep, stress and social connection has a huge impact on wellbeing.

Services: Vitality Combo 


Teaching from a base of Hatha & Vinyasa, Nicci has completed training in both NZ and India. She is committed to helping her clients find a connection to self & create space in their modern lives through yoga.


Nicci incorporates her love of anatomy & flow which offers self awareness, strength & the ability to find space within ones anatomy. Classes flow from a meditative practice into asana (physical postures) and conclude with pranayama (breathing) to activate relaxation.

Services: Yoga classes


Originally from the UK, Alex was first attuned to Reiki at the age of 14 by her wonderful mother.

Now a Reiki Master, Alex offers 1:1 sessions, workshops and trainings in this magnificent healing modality. 

Alex has also taught Yoga since 2014. Yoga and Reiki complement each other beautifully, and Alex has run Yin & Reiki workshops in Australia and now New Zealand. Alex's nature is warm and uplifting as she focuses on nurturing the human sprit and aligning body, mind and soul. You can find out more at

Services: 1:1 Reiki & Workshops

Terese 2 _edited.jpg

Terese is a registered Clinical Nutritionist and passionate foodie. She’s on a mission to empower others to take control of their health through education, motivation and support.


Using science-based wholefood nutrition solutions, world-class functional testing and simple lifestyle adjustments, Terese will help guide and support you to optimal health and wellness. Terese is a "Gut Ecology and Metabolic Modulation" Practitioner & Accredited Fitgenes Practitioner, and interested in nutrigenomics (how genes and diet together affect our health). She believes that food has the power to heal the body & the mind.


Services: 1:1 Nutrition Consultations, Functional Testing, Genetic DNA Profile Testing, Personalised Meal Plans

Shannon and Nadia pic_edited.jpg

Nadia and Shannon are both passionate about cancer rehabilitation and lymphoedema and recognise the importance of evidence based rehabilitation to prevent and manage the many side effects cancer treatments can cause. 


With over 30 years combined experience as physiotherapists they have completed post graduate training to become PINC and STEEL Cancer Rehabilitation providers and are Klose Lymphoedema practitioners. 


Their mission is to empower, educate and support their clients to reduce pain, regain movement, strength, fitness and overall an improved sense of wellness. 


Services: PINC and STEEL Cancer Rehabilitation and Lymphoedema Management


Jennifer is an ACE-certified strength and conditioning coach, and massage therapist. 


Her love for fitness and sport is reflected in her training style which aims to help clients develop a positive relationship with exercise and simply moving their body.


Having competitively trained for a range of sports, from wakeboarding to trail running to mixed martial arts, she brings wealth of knowledge to her clients in improving their performance while reducing injury. 

Services: 1:1 Personal Training, 1:1 Massage, Vitality Combo, Vitality Kickboxing, Group Fitness 

Screen Shot 2021-10-05 at 10.52_edited.jpg

Tayla is a trainer & breathwork-energy practitioner. Her interest lies in the nervous system, mind-body & energy connection. Drawing from her experiences & studies, her passion is helping others access their inner healing abilities. She believes the nervous system is the gateway to your greatest self.


Tayla is a passionate sports person, having played competitive hockey at the Youth Olympic Games in 2014 & debuting for the Black Sticks in 2020.

She's excited to weave sports and the mind-body connection together. You can find out more at

Services: 1:1 Personal Training, Nervous System 1:1 and workshops 

Charlotte Rose.jpg

Hailing from London, Charlotte has been a professional dancer for over 14 years travelling around the world. She has worked alongside artists in music videos, tours and the West End.


With 8 years experience of teaching, and qualifications in barre and STOTT pilates, her passion is to help people really understand their body.  

Training with her is not just about how you look on the outside but how strong you feel on the inside. She believes it’s about working with what you’ve got to become the best version of yourself.

Services: Vitality Pilates Fusion, 1:1 Pilates


Amber is 550 hrs Yoga Alliance Certified completing 250 hrs in Hatha, 200 hrs in Sri Ma Meditation and 100 hrs in Yin across NZ and Bali.

Her passion is to create a haven within her clients' own yoga practice, gifting time, presence and awareness along with exploring, nurturing, and healing. Combining her love for the ancient philosophy into a tangible experience, utilising the tools of asana, (postures), pranayama, (breathwork), and meditation, gifting deep connection within.

Services: Yoga classes


Vinno has been teaching Wing Tsun for 8 years. During this time he has taught classes involving corporate well-being, women's self defence & close quarter combat sessions for the British Military. 

He was awarded the title of Si Fu ("father teacher"). 


Wing Tsun has its origins in southern China and India. Every technique is rooted in centuries of study into how to optimise natural human movement. They work on the principle of maximum output from minimum input.


Services: Wing Tsun classes


Tania brings over 20 years experience in the physiotherapy field. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Physiotherapy and is PDG (musculoskeletal) & WHTA certified.


As a keen sportswoman, over the years Tania has enjoyed rehabilitating everyone from 'weekend warriors' to elite athletes. 

In recent years, Tania has completed further training in Women's Health, enabling her to assess and treat bladder, bowel & pelvic floor dysfunction, as well as guide

women post partum safely back to full lifestyle. 

Services: Physiotherapy, Women's Health, Acupuncture 


Sylvia is a passionate health & wellness coach, with over 10 years experience and a love for learning new training methods.


She holds a Bachelor of Sport and Recreation as well as qualifications in biomechanics method corrective exercise, sports nutrition and advanced massage.


Mixed martial arts has played a huge part in her life, and she loves incorporating various disciplines and techniques into her sessions.

Services: Vitality Kickboxing,

1:1 Personal Training,

1:1 Massage,

1:1 Nutrition Programs


With 14 years experience as an exercise scientist & fitness entrepreneur,

Kim brings her knowledge &

experience together to work with people of all shapes, sizes & abilities.


Kim loves putting her practice into

place and specialises in creating a

safe space for people to feel comfortable.

Kim also has specialist knowledge

in pre and post natal fitness and

the changes that the body and mind

go through during and after


Services: Vitality Combo


Anna has been drawn to movement as a creative outlet ever since she started dancing at the age of 3. She started yoga in her early 20s to cope with the stresses of life as a junior lawyer. She teaches vinyasa & yin yoga, combining asana (physical practice) with pranayama (breathwork) & meditation.


Anna seeks to provide a safe, nurturing & playful space for students to have fun & reconnect with their body. She's passionate about helping students discover what works for them in each moment, and find a bit more balance, space and ease in everyday life.


Services: Yoga classes


Kaity has a passion for sharing  breathwork and believes that proper breathing can have a profound

effect on our mental, emotional,

spiritual and physical


She is trained in bio-dynamic trauma release breath work and has a

passion for working with those

who are dealing with PTSD,

anxiety and depression.

Kaity is also a registered nurse and

has experience working with

mothers in the maternal mental

health sector. 

Services: Breathwork classes


Jane is a full time lover of mind & body awareness through dance and fitness.

Jane's career has taken her on international stages as a dancer, singer and choreographer. She has had over 8 years experience instructing Barre, Pilates Stick and HIIT Pilates at various studios in Auckland as well as one of London's top barre studios.


Jane is also 1/3 of 'The Method NZ'  who train fitness professionals.


You can always rely on Jane's classes to be high in energy leaving you feeling invigorated and empowered.

Services: Barre Fusion classes


Cat started dancing at the age of 5.

She went on to study ballet full time at The National Ballet School and Performing Arts at Otago University.


She has performed professionally in dance and acting throughout her adult years.


Teaching Barre was a natural 


Cat teaches a 45 minute full body Barre workout. It’s a fun class for all ages and fitness abilities.


Regular Barre will make you feel great, toned and strong. 

Services: Barre classes