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Achieve your Fitness, Strength & Wellness goals with our unique approach to Training & Healing in 'Flow'


Achieve your strength and fitness goals with our unique approach to training and healing 'in flow'. We teach you the best techniques to reach your individual goals, and remain injury free, regardless of your start point. 


Find the ultimate approach to achieving your peak performance when it matters most. We've got you covered with our specialist trainers, who know first hand what it takes to get you there, and just how much it means.


Feel at your best as you navigate your day. Explore using movement to bring ease, lightness and energy into your body - and all aspects of your life. Carve out some time for you and your goals - and have fun with us along the way.


Learn how to use movement to soften tight patterns, heal your nervous system & recover from injury. If you're suffering from stress, anxiety, pain or fatigue, we show you how to access your inherent state of well-being to heal and recover. 

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Their Personal Training Journeys with us...

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“I have been a long term client of Sonya and I can't speak highly enough of her and of the results I've experienced.


At Vitality Lab, they take an holistic approach to exercise covering all aspects of well-being - and they take the time to understand your needs, wants and desires, and then tailor their approach accordingly. Your wellbeing and results are without doubt their top priority.


As your goals may require different approaches throughout the journey, you get the added benefit of not just one personal trainer, but several. I have never come across a gym where trainers share clients to ensure you get exactly what you need.


I highly recommend this approach to anyone at any level of fitness...it will change your life."


I came to Sonya with a range of injuries from running ultra marathons. I was injured for over a year, never getting to the root cause of why I was constantly ‘broken’. Well Sonya set me right straight away - I’m not ‘broken’ she said, you just haven’t been shown how to move in flow and with core strength.


I'd heard ‘core strength’ before but Sonya gave it a whole new meaning, working slowly with small movements, training my brain & my whole nervous system to use the correct muscle firing patterns. It's opened up a whole new level of understanding for me, things started to click & my movements became far more connected.


I'm re-training now and the effort, consistency and dedication to it reaps rewards. Sonya is incredible at what she does and it is so worth it!"


I'd been overwhelmed with pain, inflammation, weight gain, anxiety and skin conditions for the last 20 years. But I can honestly say that since my sessions at Vitality Lab, I've not experienced such a feeling of well-being for many years.

I'm now 5 weeks in and my Rosacea has nearly gone, the Barkers Cysts have reduced dramatically and I'm handling the Fibromyalgia attacks by using the relaxation techniques I've been learning from Sonya. I'm confident that my goals will be achieved with their help.

Vitality Lab have given me what I have been seeking for the last twenty years; the skills necessary to help myself live a pain-free lifestyle.


Most of all, they care and they want to see you succeed. Thank you so much Vitality Lab!"

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