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Searching for more than just your typical gym?

 At Vitality Lab, you'll be joining a community that truly cares about
achieving your exercise, fitness and wellness goals. 
Here's what some of our members have been saying about their Vitality Lab experiences...


Vitality Lab, not a gym but a place to reset, restore and rebuild. 


Classes with teachers not instructors and sessions that develop the body and the mind.   

Sonya has cultivated a wonderful place to find your flow for any sport and everyday life. 


Highly recommended sanctuary for this modern life.


Vitality Lab has truly re-defined the concept of a gym for me. 


Its unique focus on connecting with your "flow" truly sets it apart from all other gyms.


It's a place where you feel connected not only with yourself but with others and a true sense of community, that most gyms lack. 


Sonya's positive energy and wealth of experience has helped me become more aware of my personal needs, strengths and abilities.


I love that the people I work out with encourage me and motivate me every single session. It's never a competition with others, or a sense of judgment but always about empowering each other and sharing a common goal. 


I always look forward to the next session and I love the variety they offer with their classes.  No two sessions are the same and the attention and support the trainers give you are amazing. 


I especially love that Vitality Lab is a place where everyone is valued no matter where you are on your fitness journey. I've never felt so welcomed and connected with a gym like Vitality and so thankful for all this amazing community 


Nicci brings so much passion and love to her yoga class. I am new to yoga and was a bit hesitant at first.


I am not the most flexible person!


She has helped me develop a real love and appreciation for yoga and what it does to help my core strength and flexibility.


I am loving running again, thanks to my new capabilities. 


Thank you so much Nicci – I am enjoying the peaceful feeling yoga brings me and I can’t wait to see how this new yoga body will be in years to come.

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