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Discover, Recover & Achieve

your Exercise, Fitness & Wellness Goals

Central to our approach is our

focus on Flow.

We know that when you train

or heal from a place of

connected Flow, you achieve your best results.

By definition, Flow is all about smooth movement

and progress.

Often talked about as being

'in the zone', when you're

in Flow', you're fully

immersed in a feeling of energised focus.

And in this state you can

achieve your optimal

physical, cognitive and


states of well-being.

Simply put, it feels great!




Are you searching

for more than a

typical gym?

We're here to help you achieve your goals, whatever your individual start point is.

We assist you in finding, maximising and maintaining your flow so that you feel at your best with whatever challenge life throws your way.

For some, it's all about discovering their Flow. It's a new concept, so we show you how to access your inherent state of well-being.


For others, the focus is on recovering their Flow...they're in pain, distress or have experienced an injury, so recovery comes first.

And for the rest, the focus is on achieving their strength and fitness goals, and then maintaining peak performance in their sport, exercise, work and family life.

Helping you

achieve your

own goals

Whatever their starting point, our members are typically searching for more than just the typical gym.

They're looking for a place where technique is key;

a place where the trainers & healers work as a team to provide you with the best support for your individual needs and goals.


A place where every member feels part of a connected community that truly cares.

If that's what you're searching for too, come join us at Vitality Lab.


From our exciting fitness classes, focused personal training, rehab and healing support options to our working gym, we'll help you feel better

every visit!