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Searching for more than just your typical gym?

 At Vitality Lab, you'll be joining a community that truly cares about
​achieving your exercise, fitness and wellness goals.  

Here's what some of our members have been saying about their Vitality Lab experiences...


I have been a long term client of Sonya and I can't speak highly enough of her and the results I've seen. At Vitality Lab, Sonya and the team take time to understand your needs, wants and desires and tailor their approach accordingly. 


At Vitality Lab you get the added benefit of not just one personal trainer, but several. As your goals may require different approaches throughout the journey, I have never come across gym where trainers share clients to ensure the client gets exactly what they want. 


They have complete faith in each other as trainers with the client's wellbeing and results take top priority. Vitality Lab takes a holistic approach to exercise covering all aspects of well being, I highly recommend this approach to anyone at any level of fitness to try Vitality Lab, it will change your life.

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