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Fitness Class Special Offer
40% off multi-class passes

Try our range of Group Fitness Classes
Limited Time Offer for New Customers

Feel Fitter, Stronger, Healthier and enjoy some 'me time'

Try our range of Group Fitness Classes with our multi-class pass special offer.

From Yoga, Pilates & Barre, to HiiT, Box-fit, Spin & Running, to Core, Strength, Mobility & Release - there's a class to suit all fitness levels and goals.

Our expert trainers teach technique in every class and will support you to achieve your goals, stay injury free & have loads of FUN along the way.


Get in quick - this is our last multi class pass sale this year, and it's only here for a limited time - until all passes are sold.

6 Class Pass: $72 (Save $48)

15 Class Pass: $153 (Save $102)

30 Class Pass: $306 (Save $204)

Offer Exp: 18/9/2022 (or sooner if all available passes are sold). New Customers Only.

Gym Classes for all Levels of Fitness.

Group Fitness Classes

"I'd been feeling tired, unfit, unhealthy...and to be honest, I thought it would be really hard to get back into it. But there's a class for every mood, every ability, every fitness level. It's not hard, fast and thoughtless like other gyms. It's conscious and connected. Fitness is finally fun for me. I always feel amazing after a class, and that gives me the motivation to keep going."

Yoga Classes

"I am new to yoga and was a bit hesitant at first as I'm not the most flexible person! Nicci brings so much passion and love to her yoga class. She has helped me develop a real love & appreciation for yoga & what it does to help my core strength and flexibility. I am enjoying the peaceful feeling yoga brings me and I can’t wait to see how this new yoga body will be in years to come."."

Pilates Classes

"I joined Vitality Lab a few months ago and it's been amazing. The people and culture are great, super supportive and really welcoming. The variety of fitness classes available is fantastic. I love the balance I've found with their high energy HiiT Pilates class, and their strength focussed 'restore my core' class is awesome too. After 20 years away from the gym, I'm hooked!"

Experience the difference good technique makes!

Gym Fitness Classes
Frequently Asked Questions

I haven't focused on exercise for a while...will I be good enough?

This is one of the most common questions we get asked.

In fact, fear of not being good enough, not being able to 'keep up', or looking silly are often the biggest barriers to people starting an exercise programme. So, if this is on your mind, you're certainly not alone.

Rest assured that our culture and philosophy is all about inclusion, support and empowering others. We provide lots of options to cover all abilities, and teach you about 'flow', form and technique along the way.

What fitness classes are best for Beginners?

Start with one of our low impact, low intensity classes (LiiT)- and build up to a higher intensity class (HiiT) over time.

Our Core, Pilates and Barre classes are really popular with our beginners.

What fitness classes are best for weight loss?

This is one we get asked all the time. We like to focus on helping you feel your very best as we support you to achieve your individual fitness, strength & wellness goals. For those with a weight loss goal, our HiiT and Strength Training classes are really popular.

What fitness classes do you recommend for older people?

Try our Strength, Mobility and Pilates classes first. We will spend time with you during the class and can then recommend other classes that we think you will benefit from too.

What about Covid? What happens if we go into another lockdown?

We have strict H&S procedures, including rigorous cleaning protocols to help protect you (and our trainers).

There's a lot of research available citing the benefits of staying active to support your health and immunity. We believe this is a vital part of general wellbeing and important during these unsettling times.

During Covid restrictions, we've introduced our 'off the beaten track' outdoor adventures and running club. And in previous lockdowns we've run a full programme of online classes too. However, in the case of another lockdown (and if our online or outdoor programmes don't appeal to you), you can save your class pass until you feel comfortable attending your favourite classes again.

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