Work out, stay motivated and heal...your way

At Vitality Lab, you can access fitness, healing & wellness options all under the same roof.

Whether you're looking for a place to train, want the benefits of a group class or need some one-on-one support with your exercise, recovery or wellness, we've got you covered. 


Stay motivated with Vitality Classes

Boutique Group Fitness Classes

Enjoy the comradery of working out with others in our small, connected classes whatever your fitness level.


We have more options than most including exclusive Vitality Combo, Vitality Kickboxing, Vitality Yoga, Barre and Wing Tsun sessions.


We deliver over 20 classes a week.

Our instructors focus on teaching the best techniques so you get the most out of your workout.  

We progress through levels regularly, and keep the content fresh, to keep you challenged and



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Recover, Repair and Heal

1-on-1 Pain & Stress Recovery

Recovering from an injury?


Need a helping hand with your rehab & physio program?


Or perhaps you're dealing with chronic pain or stress?


Our experienced team of practitioners, trainers and healers are here to help with your individual health and 

recovery journey.

We are able to prescribe treatments that are not available under one roof anywhere else in Auckland.

100% of our focus is on your wellbeing.

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Work out with us

Full Working Gym

At Vitality Lab you'll be joining a caring community of people at all levels of fitness.

Train on your own, or achieve your dream results and goals with the support, technique and encouragement of our expert on- site Personal Trainers.

Our innovative cardio equipment adds power back to the grid making for a beneficial work out in more ways than one.

Our cutting edge strength machines allow for creative and safe movement. 

Enjoy free Wi-Fi while you work out.


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