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Searching for more than just your typical gym?

 At Vitality Lab, you'll be joining a community that truly cares about​
achieving your exercise, fitness and wellness goals.  

Here's what some of our members have been saying about their Vitality Lab experiences...


I have been overwhelmed with pain, inflammation, weight gain, anxiety and skin conditions for the last 20 years. I was recommended to Vitality Lab and, although sceptical, I went along to a session with Sonya. Upon leaving, I can honestly say I have not experienced such a feeling of well-being in many years. 


I am now five weeks in, my Rosacea has nearly gone, the Bakers Cysts have reduced dramatically and I am handling the Fibromyalgia attacks by using the relaxation techniques I have been learning from Sonya.


I am confident that the goals I hope to achieve will be fulfilled with the help of Vitality Lab. They have given me what I have been seeking over the last twenty years; the skills necessary to help myself live a pain-free lifestyle. Most of all, they care and as professionals they want to see you succeed. Thank you so much Vitality Lab!

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